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New product review! Dryshod waterproof Legend Ankle boot and Camp shoe.

So we have a new player in the outdoor shoe and boot arena.  Dryshod waterproof footwear!  They have a number of features that set them apart from out other waterproof footwear.  Not the least of which is the fact that they make a low quarter slip on camp shoe and an ankle high rubber boot.  


Here are the items we’re reviewing.  We’ve always had success selling low quarter and ankle high rubber boots, but our ability to keep them in stock has been spotty due to manufacturers being unwilling to keep them in their product lineups.  Naturally we were excited about the prospect of a high quality entry in this product segment.  



The overall fit and finish of these products is excellent.  The seams are all well cemented and there are no areas that appear in danger of separating after repeated flexing. The rubber covering the majority of the shoe is flexible, but thick enough to resist snagging.  They’re not particularly heavy, but they have just enough heft to leave the impression that they are substantial footwear that will hold up to abuse.


Shown is a cross-section of the layers that make of the lining of the footwear.  The black layer is Dryshod’s unique densoprene foam.  This is an extra dense neoprene that is purported to have superior insulating and waterproofing properties to standard-weight neoprene. The orange layer is Dryshod’s 4-way stretch air mesh lining.  Interestingly, it is easy to see the fine network of fibers holding the two layers apart to create space for air to travel.  This mesh covers the entire interior of the footwear, allowing for an unprecedented amount of air travel for rubber footwear.


The premium natural rubber soles should provide good life, while the rigid shank provides stability.  The tread is not particularly deep, but appears aggressive enough to provide good traction in muddy conditions.

Shown here is the patented Dryshod Hydrokote treatment in action.  The boots and shoes are waterproof even without it, but this should go a long way toward keeping your footwear clean and dry when you're out in the elements.


So there you have it!  Dryshod looks to be a great addition to our lineup!  They're soft, comfortable, waterproof, and available in the low and mid-height configurations that are so popular with our customers. Come in the store to try some out, or order from our website!