Shoe Repair


Boot and shoe repair is done in our store by us for fast turnaround times.  Because shoe repair must be brought to our store by the customer, all prices are subject to sales tax.  Sorry, we do not offer shoe repair by mail. We offer the following services:


  • Ladies high heel tips                          $8-$13 depending on size of tip
  • Sewing (seams, straps, etc)                $5-$15+ depending on size of job
  • Stretching (width, top, instep) *           $10 with no charge on repeat stretches
  • Shorten ladies heels*                          $10-$15 depending on tip size
  • Full sole Orthopedic buildups           $25 per layer per shoe*
  • Orthopedic heel buildups                   $12.50 per heel layer per shoe*
  • Sno Seal waterproofing                       $16.00 per pair
  • Clean & Polish                                    $10 per pair
  • Clean & apply oil                                 $12 per pair
  • Men's boot & shoe heels                    $25 per pair*
  • Shorten mens boot heel                      $25-$30 per pair depending on type
  • Replace boot zipper*                            $15-$25 per boot*
  • Reattach sole (glue and/or sew)        $12 per pair
  • Dye (black or brown)*                         $25 per pair
  • 1/2 Soles and heels (Leather)             $60 per pair
  • 1/2 Soles and heel (rubber)                $55 per pair
  • Full soles and heels (leather)             $75 per pair
  • Full soles and heels (rubber)              $70 per pair
  • Vibram or other lugged sole*              $75 per pair


*1) Stretching can only be done to the tops, width, and insteps of shoes and boots.  Footwear cannot be made longer!

*2) The amount we can cut ladies heels varies depending on the make of the shoe.  Some can be cut a lot and some can barely be cut at all!

*3) Full sole Orthopedic buildup layers vary in thickness, but are all $25.  Example:  If you need a 3/4 inch buildup, that will require a 1/2 inch layer and a 1/4 inch layer.  Each layer will cost $25 for a total of $50 per shoe.  A 1 inch buildup would be the same price because it will require two 1/2 inch layers.

*4) Orthopedic heel buildups follow the same rule as full soles, but the price per layer is $12.50.  

*5) Womens footwear that requires the same kind of sole and/or heel as a mens boot (cowgirl boots, women's work boots) will be charged the men's price.

*6) We can only replace or add zippers into boots!  Luggage and purses require a different kind of zipper and we cannot replace them!

*7) Zipper prices are calculated according to the length of the zipper installed.  

*8) We can only dye genuine leather footwear!  Our dye will not work on any manmade material (nylon, satin, vinyl, plastic, etc).

*9) Most work boots made these days cannot be resoled.  In rare instances where a boot possesses a real welt and midsole we can attach a new sole to the boot.  We will replace the sole with the closest type available to the original sole unless otherwise instructed by the customer.


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